Friday, February 25, 2011

Report 25-02-2011


Yesterday it was a privilege to be in Christchurch to meet with our Pastors there.

From the last report we received, it would appear that one of the Elders from the City Church is still missing, with little hope of his recovery. Our love and prayers go out to his wife Nancy, their family, and City Church family.

Today, the NLT have released $10,000 to be administered by the Christchurch Pastors, who are establishing the West Church's building as a base. From the base we will be able to release aid to families and people in need. We agreed that our specialty is in giving support, and pastoring our community, and we have an awesome group of people who are rising up and are ready to move into the communities around them.

We are now asking every church to take up a special offering this Sunday, finance is required now so that the work can commence immediately. If you can transfer funds through to National Office – Westpac Bank Account - 03-0252-0471095-00 Ref: CHCH EQ – as soon as possible, the team will transfer 100% of that money received to the team in Christchurch.

We will be ensuring that you all are kept fully informed of the progress being made, and if additional needs become known.

We called to be a blessing.

Please ask your people to continue to pray and give generously.

Best Regards,


B H Monk

National Leader

ACTS Churches New Zealand

P.O. Box 97-082, Manukau City, Auckland 2241, NEW ZEALAND.

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Anonymous said...

"We're doing all we can to help Eric and the family so that they can work through what's been a horrible process for them all.

"It's a horrible situation but you know, we're all human and people have to deal with their frailty. And we don't like it, but it's happened and in the process we want to try and help Eric as much as we can so he can find forgiveness and work through life.''

Why am I not surprised that Christians defend their own rather than the victims of their exploitation.