Friday, October 9, 2009



Acts Churches in NZ have not as yet broken the sound barrier when it come to measuring the level of our influence on a national level, but we are making a difference, and the sound is being noised abroad that Jesus Christ is in the House. The majority of our churches are growing and the impact of our Movement on an International scale is massive.



Over the past few years, the NLT has focused on ‘reclaiming our heritage,’ and ‘positioning our Movement for the next generation.’

We have been able to allocate over $600,000, received over the past four years through our National Vision Offering, generously given by local churches and individuals.

Through this resource, we have reclaimed 12 of our existing churches, in strategic locations, and now a positive sound is being noised into these communities and the churches are growing.

With confidence we have been able to empower our youth to reclaim and position the emerging generation, not only to have National but also International influence. The sound volume has lifted, and it is being heard; that Jesus Christ is relevant to the youth of our Nation. The lift in volume is coming through the ministries of Revolution Tour, Branded, Shout Conference and very effective Bible Colleges. As I write this article, I am still living in the overflow of Equippers College graduation the night before, when over 40 students crossed over the stage, having just completed 18 weeks of Bible College.


When Helen and I planted Equippers Church in London, we were strongly motivated by the thought, ‘every new church claims territory currently held by the enemy and every new apostolic initiative advances the Kingdom of God over the powers of darkness.’

We as a Movement could be embarrassment, by our lack of aggressive church planting over the past twenty years. In the past four years, we have planted only seven churches, all aided by finances from our Vision Offerings, but it is time for those called by Christ as Apostles to ‘Arise.’ It is upon the foundation of Apostles and Prophets that Christ builds His Church.

There is still land to reclaim, but more importantly, its time to rise up and ‘claim’ what God has called us to have dominion over.