Thursday, March 5, 2009


Now I am home, I have been reflecting on the major needs of the churches I visited around the world throughout the month of February. It is a blessing and privilege to partner with people who are totally commited to reaching lost people for Christ, and to build significant churches that will equip and empower God's people to extend the Kingdom of God.
Here are some needs

To build a complex with a church, school and health clinic in Gauoa, Burkina Faso. The photo below is a complex built for the Apostolic Church in the capital city of Burkina, but very little aid reaches places like Gauoa, so we have a vision to help.

These are young boys from Gauoa. With good education and health we can change the future of boys like this.
Equippers London are currently focusing on outreach, so please pray that the Holy Spirit will open to them significant doors of opportunity, so they can reach out to lost people for Christ.

Equippers Berlin and Christus Zentrum (Equippers Celle) in Germany are progressing well but please pray a release of finances so they can move to the next level.
Jurgen is leading a staff meeting in Celle.

Harvest Church in Chennai India needs a new building for the main church so the church can handle the growing number of people attending their services. This church can grow to 1000 people very quickly with the right building.
Leaders attending a leadership seminar in Chennai

In the US, Pastor Pat and Terri Sparrow are praying for wisdom to release an emerging generation, so they can build an apostolic house of influence and resource.
We have the opportunity to partner with significant ministries around the world.

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