Friday, March 13, 2009


This is a photo of my mother, Sybil Mary Monk, who will be 92 in June, and my only daughter Rebecca Helen Paramore.
My Mother still completes several cross words everyday, reads the Herald from cover to cover, plays the piano for the old people every week, is a keen card player, watches all the sports games on Sky, love to debate politics, has more than 30 great grand children, 1 great, great grand child, she is the only living first cousin of Kathren Mansfield (the famous New Zealand author), she loves Jesus, is a very gifted evangelist, an amazing abilty to accept people where they are at, and she is a very keeeeeeeeen talker.

My daughter Rebecca is our first born, she has the beautiful looks of her mother, she has always been a delightful daughter, she is an amazing mother of four lovely children, she is a much loved aunty, she has qualfied with a degree in education and teaching, she is a gifted painter and artist, she is the life of a party, she has a contagious laugh, she is a gifted communicator, even as a young girl she has always had a strong christian faith, she always attempts to walk in the fear of God, she is not vindictive and very forgiving, she loves the House of God, and she has an internal strength that has helped walk through difficult seasons of her life.
Today, I honour these amazing women and count it a privilege to have them in my life.


Rebecca said...

Shux thanks a bit teary now! You're not bad yourself!!!
Love ya xox

Ian & Dayle Wright said...

Great girls!! Well done good and faithful servants to them both.

Simoney said...

Bruce that's so true, about both of them! I love what you have written here; very touching and heartfelt. So funny that graandma monk plays the piano for the "old" people - cos she's so young at heart! and Rebecca is just an inspiration.