Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Helen and I have just returned home after an actioned packed month of mission and ministry. I have been to India, London, Germany, Burina Faso and USA. We finished our month away ministering at a church Pastored by good friends on the Central Coast of California. Pastor Pat and Terri Sparrow are the Senior Ministers of a church called 'Shouts of Grace.' They planted the church four years ago and on Sunday there were about 150 people at the morning service.

Pastor Pat and Terri Sparrow

The amazing Helen enjoying the beach on the Central Coast. Helen and Libby Huirua were the key note speakers at Essence London along with Peter Prothero. I am not sure how Peter qualified to be a speaker at a women's conference, but I suppose living in a home with six females isnt a bad training camp.
The Sun Rising on the Central Coast

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