Friday, February 27, 2009

Equippers Pastors from Europe Gather

On Tuesday 25th February, Equippers Pastors' from Europe gathered for a day of fellowship, teaching and encouragement. We now have five churches in the UK and two in Germany.
All of the churches are lead by Brits and Germans.

Pastor Jurgen and Miriam Eisen from Celle Germany, were unable to come to this gathering.
Please continue to pray for open doors to preach the gospel in the Europe, and that the Holy Spirit would continue to give us labourers and leaders, so we can establish great soul winning churches.


Anonymous said...

Dear. Volunteer.
Accept greeting from Miss Rose Fofor an orphan in the North West region in Cameroon. How are you people? I hope that cool. And every thing is good over there. And besides our Lord Jesus Christ is under control.
I am an orphan I lost my parents when I was three years old. Since life is not been easy. I was approached by a woman in a rescue-term Cameroon, have tried to meet up with my basic needs like food, shelter and health of this orphanage was adopted by a private individual after the death of this woman, from breast cancer since the death of the woman, we have before a problem or the other, and later because of financial difficulties, this orphanage was closed because of the often appeal to the government but the government does not intervene.
I and the other victims were forced to return to the streets of my self as the oldest Hazel tries, the little I could to see if I could get the food and shelter for others are not able to, their education and some are sick, but by the grace of God, everything will be alright. With all due respect, I pleaded for help to us through this situation, because we have no other way to live, as the government shows no concern for us, may the almighty God be with you people your support is greatly appreciated.
My greetings

Anonymous said...

Praise jesus and PASTOR BRUCE MONK.