Monday, January 12, 2009


Beginning with our daughter Rebecca and her children for Christmas in Sydney, the past three weeks have been filled with many blessings and fun activities. We have enjoyed fishing (last count 43 snapper) golf, BBQs, walking, bike riding, birthday parties and not to forget great church services that have been inspiring, worshipful and very Christ Centred.
Last Sunday, Ps Lyle Penesula from the Hawkes Bay preached at Equippers Auckland. Many people gave their live to Christ and his messages had a strong prophetic edge to them. In the morning Service, he emphasised how we need to move from 'Strength to Strength,' from Psalm 84, 'Faith to Faith,' from Romans 1.16-18, and 'Glory to Glory,' from 2Corinthhians 3.18.
I feel replenished and my cup is overflowing.


Rebecca said...

Yay...what a GREAT Pa you are!!!!

Rebecca said...

...and Dad too of course! xox