Friday, January 2, 2009

As I enter into 2009 my heart overflows with praise for God's faithfulness and the joy of sharing about His wonderful miraculous acts.
Last year, Helen and I saw God's miraculous answer to prayer in so many areas, but especially in the area of financial provision. Moving out from the security of a regular salary that is provided as Senior Pastors of a local church has been an exciting journey of faith. We are incredibly indebted to the Equippers Churches for their loving support.
One morning Helen and I prayed together asking God for $10000. We both attended a meeting that day, and left with $15000. We were again overwhelmed by God's goodness.
Last year had it challenges, especially with the breakdown of our daughter Rebecca's marriage.
In simple terms, 'life together became too difficult.'
I am praying constantly for Rebecca and the children, and as for me I find regular strength from God's Word.
The Holy Spirit continues to open up doors of opportunity for Equippers Churches and Equippers Network International. I am confident that we can continue to build on the strength of strong foundations that have been established. I am continually praying for labourers who will take up the cause of Christ, and His Great Commission. 
I have just read Psalm 9 for 2009 and found it as a real source of inspiration and encouragement.
Looking forward and believing for a great Year.

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Valzy said...

Hi Bruce I love your blog!! Psm 109 will be my read this morning. So great seeing you and Helen around. Ps are you trying to find our address with all that awesome fish you are catching? ha ha just jokes! bless ya Val Campbell