Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happenings in October and November

Hi Everyone, I am currently in Heathrow waiting for a connecting flight back to NZ. Jurgen Eisen and I have been in Egypt for the past 6 days ministering to a group of 130 leaders from all over Egypt, and then on Sunday we both ministered at churches in Cairo. I minister to a church with about 550 people present in the service. The leadership of many churches were quite old, but like everywhere, there is a group of emerging leaders wanting to find their place. Our contact is Nathan Bassaly. He is well respected among Arab speaking Christians and someone we can continue to serve in this very significant region. On Sunday I was able to stand on one of the Pyramids. Quite amazing considering they are the oldest manmade structures in the world, and given the biblical history around this region. This has been a very significant ministry trip. Helen left first so she could minister at a theme week in the Kolding Bible school, Denmark. She had to teach 10 times throughout the week, so it was very busy. I went through California and ministered with a contacts that has been developing over the past 5 years through our London Church. They are Pat and Terri Sparrow. They are both very interested in going on a journey to develop further relationship with Equippers. I hosted a Summit for leaders of Apostolic Movements for two days in London towards to end of October. Leaders are keen to keep meeting every year and next year we will attempt to sponsor leaders from third world nations. Equippers London held its annual leaders retreat, at which Sam, Helen, Mark Collard and myself ministered at. This was a very good retreat and I think many leaders were impacted, and challenged to rise to a new level. There was a strong sense of God’s presence in the retreat and many people received prophetic words. Peter Prothero is now the Senior Pastor of Jubilee church and giving very wise leadership through a very difficult situation. Bill and Judith Tatana are still in London attending Equippers before leaving the UK and relocating to Sydney sometime next year. Many from the UK joined with Jurgen and Miriam Eisen for a Equippers Summit in Germany and a Conference hosted by the Celle church for pastor from their region. This was another impacting few days. Jurgen and Miriam's Celle church is prospering and Jurgen is having significant influence throughout Germany. Dan and Oana Zeltner moved to Berlin early in the year and are now beginning to gather people. Having someone present in Berlin has made a major difference. They are now regularly gathering 16 people from Berlin so we are encouraged by their progress. I am sending this to keep you all informed with what Helen and I have been doing over the past month. Cheers Bruce